Tifa Lockhart’s Armor


We are happy to present our Tifa Lockhart arm armor set inspired by the Final Fantasy 7 Remakes.

Our arm armor set comes in three unique pieces – a forearm plate, an elbow armor, and an upper arm plate to fit on the left arm. They are held on by adjustable elastic straps we pre-cut and attach, leaving extra length to fit comfortably all day.

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All items are printed in PLA plastic both in black and red, meaning it is printing in the color it will be. No paint is required, it is hard to scratch or discolor, and it has a highly vibrant color compared to paint.

Everything comes pre-assembled and glued, with elastic straps and adjustable sliders sewn and installed.

Please keep in mind that due to limitations with FDM printing, there may be minor imperfections from the 3D printing process. While we do everything we can to mitigate these factors, some may be present which can be fixed with quick sanding or a touch of craft paint. We will never send something we deem below our quality standard.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in


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