The Colt | Supernatural Colt Paterson Revolver TV Prop Replica Non-Firing with Numbered Bullets


An exciting time for all demon hunters, the iconic Colt from the TV show Supernatural can now be yours!

This Supernatural Colt replica prop is modeled after a 1835 Colt Paterson, just like the one used on the show. It comes with the latin engraving on the barrel and numbered bullets from 1 to 13. With a long, heavy and rifled barrel and a good balance, it is a fun and historical prop to make all of your friends jealous.

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The Colt Paterson used in the television show has many inconsistencies made for the sake of storytelling. While the 1835 Colt Paterson was designed to fire musket balls, the show portrays it taking modern day cartridges.

To let you choose your own prop, we have included two cylinders – one that accepts the modern numbered cartridges and one that would be correct for firing musket balls. Additionally, you have two choices for hammers, one that would work on modern rounds and one that would be accurate for black powder balls.

PLEASE NOTE THAT UNLESS OTHERWISE SELECTED YOU WILL RECEIVE AN UNPAINTED PROP. Everything will be printed in BLACK PLA except for the receiver, which will be BLACK PETG. It will come with a BROWN PLA handle. If you choose the “Painted” option, we will add a chrome-like paint finish to the main portions of the replica and a muted copper to the cylinders, which gives it a classic western look. We do not do intricate pattern designs as seen on some western revolvers.

Important Information

Due to the manufacturing process and limitations with FDM printers, faint layer lines may be visible. This can be easily remedied by sanding or by using a thick clear coat before priming. These are perfect for costuming, but you shouldn’t go around hitting things with it. Seriously, don’t hit someone with it. They made a rubber version for all the pistol whipping (which is in general a terrible thing to do to a gun in the first place), and this isn’t rubber.


When assembled, this prop looks like an actual firearm. Custom Made Fast LLC holds no liability, and by purchasing the product you agree that you will handle and display it in a safe and legal manner. It is highly encouraged that you paint the barrel tip a bright orange and to treat the prop as if it were an actual gun. Don’t point it at your neighbor, don’t point it at your friends, and in general be smart and safe. If you go to conventions, follow all rules.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 5 in
Painting Option

Unpainted, Painted


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