About Us

Custom Made Fast is a home-grown and self-funded startup based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Founded in 2023, Custom Made Fast specializes in 3D printing, laser engraving, and rapid prototyping to make anything from toys to machine parts.

The core idea for Custom Made Fast was made over twenty years ago when the founder was first exposed to machining and CAD design. Since then, a desire to create new and exciting products has always sat in the background and now come to life.

While our shop will mostly contain items for fun like decorations or toys, we are also capable of production for medical, electronic design, general engineering, and more.

Our Capabilities

With a wide variety of professional grade and large scale printers, we can create in almost any kind of plastic (including high strength engineering plastics like carbon fiber or glass composites). For fine, high-detail work, we work with photosensitive resin to print down to 50 microns high.

We aren’t only restricted to additive manufacturing, either. When we boil down to our core, Custom Made Fast is made of problem solvers and creatives. Maybe 3D printing isn’t the best way to make your item – if we find a better way, we do it and do it well.

In short: if you have an idea, we can make it happen!

Reach out on our Contact page for any business inquiries or product ideas and we will be happy to discuss it further.