Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Starter Wands


While usually the wand chooses the wizard, in this case the witch or wizard can choose the wand! We are producing 3D printed wands for all starter wands based on the game Hogwarts: Legacy. These match the wands your character would carry, so you can be as ready for the dangers of real life as you are the dangers in the Forbidden Forest. (Please note that for safety’s sake, this version cannot catch spiders on fire.)

All wand tips are fully compatible with all of the handles also found in our shop! Click here to view our compatible handles.


About the Item

You will receive the wand that you have chosen under options – be sure to select the correct wand during ordering. Each wand is anywhere from 330mm to 350mm long (most are at 13.75″) and is printed with PLA filament in layers anywhere from 0.12mm to 0.24mm high with a 15-30% infill, settings chosen to provide a stronger wand. This gives the best tradeoff between detail, strength, and price. They are suitable for display or costumes – please read “Important Information” below. The wands come UNPAINTED. A painting service will be available in the near future – for now, contact us for a quote.

Each wand is shipped in two pieces with a wooden connector peg. This gives you the option of gluing it together OR using one of the interchangeable handle grips sold in the shop. We recommend using super glue to connect the pieces of your wand if you want a permanent bond, and a dot of hot glue if you want a temporary (but still strong) attachment. Check out our interchangeable grips!

Wand Sizing

Unless you message us directly, we will ship the standard 13.75″ wand. TO RESIZE THE WAND, IT REQUIRES CUSTOMIZATION. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE.

Important Information

Due to the manufacturing process and limitations with FDM printers, certain wands (namely the “Natural” wand) can be very brittle – the “Natural” wand has a space where the diameter is only a few millimeters wide. We are constantly evaluating new methods and materials to improve the strength of our wands, but those with particularly narrow pieces should be careful to avoid drops or strikes. More information about the process will be included in your shipment.

Light sanding may be required to get the ideal smooth feel or appearance. We will include a small sanding stick (or two) in each order to make sure you can make your wand perfect.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 3 in

Classic, Crooked, Natural, Notched, Ringed, Soft Spiral, Spiral, Stalk


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