Tifa Lockhart’s Materia Bracelet


Tifa Lockhart – everyone’s favorite Final Fantasy girl. Okay, that’s actually up for debate. I mean, everyone loves Aerith, but also what about Rinoa? And Dagger? They were pretty cool. So was Yuna until she weirdly ditched religion became a pop star. Hmm.

Regardless, Tifa Lockhart, lots of people’s favorite Final Fantasy girl! Iconic and fun, she’s a great party member, friend, and can punch and kick the living hell out of really anything you put in front of her. So yeah, dream girl. While she could certainly do this on her own, like the rest of our heroes she has an edge – her Materia bracelet. Now, you too can own Tifa Lockhart’s Materia Bracelet and take on Shinra!*

* Bracelet does not actually give magical powers. We do not recommend trying to take down evil conglomerates on your own, particularly using cosplay gear.

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You will receive a 3D printed Materia bracelet made of PLA plastic, rigid and easy to paint. Additionally, you will receive two resin materia ball half-shells to paint whatever color you’d like and insert into the materia slots. Finally, magnets will come with the bracelet to hold it securely on your hand without needing to fuss over latches or complicated locks.

Please note that this item comes UNPAINTED unless chosen otherwise. If you opt to have it painted, please add the two materia colors in your order notes.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in
Painting Option

Unpainted, Painted


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