Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy Handles


While usually the wand chooses the wizard, in this case the witch or wizard can choose the wand – or at least how to hold it! We are producing 3D printed versions of all of the wand handles based on the game Hogwarts: Legacy. These match the handles your character would attach to their wand, so you can be as ready for the dangers of real life as you are the dangers in the Forbidden Forest. (Please note that for safety’s sake, this version cannot catch spiders on fire.)

All wand tips are fully compatible with all of the handles also found in our shop! Click here to view our compatible handles.


You will receive the handle that you have chosen under options. This handle has a the same precision hole for a peg to attach the top of any of your compatible wands, also sold in our shop.

Each handle is approximately 130mm long (5 – 5.25 inches) and is printed with PLA filament at 0.2mm layer resolution and 30% infill – this gives the best detail and strength while keeping the cost affordable. They are suitable for display or light cosplay. The handles come UNPAINTED.

Be sure to select the correct handle during ordering.

Each handle is shipped with a connector peg to ensure a good fit. We recommend using super glue to connect the handle to your wand tip if you want the connection to be permanent, and a dot of hot glue if you want a temporary (but still strong) attachment.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 3 in

Arrow (Smooth), Arrow (Textured), Avian, Basketweave, Botanical, Celestial (Smooth), Celestial (Textured), Checkerboard (Smooth), Checkerboard (Textured), Column (Grain), Column (Textured), Column (Patterned), Corkscrew (Smooth), Corkscrew (Textured), Imperial (Smooth), Imperial (Textured), Orbicular, Regal (Smooth), Regal (Textured), Sabre (Patterned), Sabre (Smooth), Sabre (Textured), Shell (Metal), Shell (Patterned), Shell (Swirl), All Handles Bundle


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