Fallout Stimpak


Whether you’re from the edges of the New California Republic to far Capital Wasteland or beyond, can we all agree that everything is SUPER DANGEROUS all of a sudden? Just when you’re getting used to mutant radscorpions and the occasional Mad Max-style raider gang, now we have SUPER MUTANTS and GHOULS? Even Deathclaws – “death” is in the name! What’s a Vault Dweller to do?

You grab your pipe rifle and a handful of Stimpaks, that’s what you do. While you’ll have to scavenge the first one, we’re proud to offer a selection of Fallout Stimpak healing item replicas, straight from your favorite post-apocalyptic universe.

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Our Fallout stimpaks are 3D printed in PLA plastic and assembled in a relatively low-radiation environment here in what’s left of Cincinnati, Ohio. It is then painted to a chrome finish, and if the customer is of the discerning variety, we’ll even paint it up so it looks nice and dirty… Because that’s what you want in your medical supplies.

While it seems ridiculous to have to say this, this is a toy and in no way an actual medical supply. It’s only kind of pointy, but it’s probably more likely to break if you jab someone with it, so don’t do that. If you DO somehow heal from broken legs and stuff with it in hand, then please let us know, we’d love to capture that market.

Painting Options

We can ship the item unpainted, painted with a clean look, or painted with a worn look. The items in the product pictures will not be the exact ones that you will receive, but they will have generally the same aesthetic. Unpainted props will print in black PLA.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in
Painting Options

Unpainted, Painted (Clean), Painted (Dirty)


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