Tifa Lockhart’s Charm Bracelets


Midgar is a tough place to live, particularly if you want to look good while doing it. Not only do you have to secretly run an eco-terrorist group, but also run a bar? The pressure is too much! One resident manages, though, and now you can take part of her signature style.

We are happy to present Tifa Lockhart’s charm bracelets inspired by the Final Fantasy 7 Remakes. Each set includes two bracelets with wrapped chain and four charms – one Bomb, one Chocobo, and two leaves.

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Bracelets and charms are printed with silver PLA plastic. The bracelets have been designed to slip on and off the wrist easily, and have room to flex a little bit. The charms are printed at 0.08mm layer height to give incredible smoothness. Charms come pre-attached to the chain, which is hot glued to the bracelet. You can remove this hot glue without any damage at all – it keeps things safe during shipping and can also keep it in place during cosplay.

The bracelet is 3.5 inches at the widest point and is held together with the chain. We have found this to be a good universal size, but if you have small or large wrists and are unsure if it will fit, please reach out to us.

Note that due to the limitations of FDM 3D printing, charms will have imperfections on non-cosmetic sides (i.e. the back of the Bomb) where supports were removed. We are looking into alternatives, but FDM printing creates the strongest charms to protect against bumps, drops, and breaks.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2.5 in


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