Tifa Lockhart’s Earrings


Midgar is a tough place to live, particularly if you want to look good while doing it. Not only do you have to secretly run an eco-terrorist group, but also run a bar? The pressure is too much! One resident manages, though, and now you can take part of her signature style.

We are happy to present Tifa Lockhart’s Earrings inspired by Final Fantasy 7, one to represent the chunky original earrings and one to represent the newer earrings as seen in the remake.


Both pairs of earrings use hypoallergenic metals and acrylics to mimic the earrings seen in renders and the game. They are sturdy enough for cosplay and nice enough for everyday use – bring out your inner Tifa no matter the occasion!*

* Don’t kick people unless they really deserve it, though.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

Classic, Remake


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