Fallout Jet Dispenser


There are a few special moments in every wastelander’s life – the first time you accidentally set off a Securitron, when you have to charm your way past a guard, and of course, that very first spree of violence brought on by a hit of Jet.

That’s right, Jet – the classic illicit product made from Brahmin crap off-gassing and somehow turned highly addictive – can now be yours! Well, to be clear, a 3D printed REPLICA of a Fallout Jet Dispenser can now be yours. Aside from the lack of mutant cows, we don’t really want to sell it. Have you even played the game? That seems like an awful time.

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You will receive one 3D printed Fallout Jet dispenser. The dispenser has a screw-in tank which can be removed – it will be an initial tight fit, but a few times removing it makes the process very smooth. The dispenser is printed with a red tank and a white dispenser, then optionally painted grey in certain sections to fit in-game images.

Jet isn’t real, and this isn’t a real dispenser. There aren’t buttons, and it certainly doesn’t give you any powers. Hopefully buying it IS addictive though, because we’re happy to supply.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 5 in
Painting Option

Unpainted, Painted (Clean), Painted (Dirty)


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