Lucy MacLean’s Tranquilizer Gun | Fallout TV Show


Take a piece of quality Vault-Tec Equipment out into the wasteland with you with our high-quality replica of Lucy MacLean’s Tranquilizer Gun as seen in the TV adaptation, Fallout!


Also known as a “Syringer”, the brave Vault Dweller Lucy MacLean set out on her adventure from Vault 33 with only a trusty tranquilizer dart launcher, which can now be yours. 3D printed in high quality detail with PLA, this tranq launcher features two “darts” filled with either a plastic insert or hot glue. It also has a working chamber – you can pull back on the rear to see where you can insert a dart, then close it up ready to take on raiders.

Please note that these items are entirely 3D printed. While we do our best to hide layer lines and any marks from glue, there may be imperfections or color variations between lines which can be hidden with anything from painted-on scratches and fake dirt to spray paint to give a truly metallic feel.


There are no functioning parts outside of the dart chamber. The trigger doesn’t move, there is no way to launch anything, and the pointy bits are also just plastic. These are toys, and have no possible way to make them dangerous.

THAT SAID, as it is a replica it can be mistaken as real. Please use discretion when carrying them outside and attach an orange safety tip to the barrel. If you are using it for costuming, please follow all local laws and convention rules.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 2 in


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