Ezra Bridger’s Third Lightsaber


Wielded by Ezra Bridger, the long-lost Jedi as seen on the show Ahsoka, you too can own this distinctive lightsaber replica to bring justice to the galaxy. Slapped together in record time (because the Mouse seemed to forget that building one of these took time and ceremony), Ezra’s third lightsaber was built when he was found by Ahsoka and Sabine. He then somehow had a blue lightsaber crystal and also just sort of abandoned them when he TOTALLY COULD HAVE just Force-pulled them up to the ship… You know, like the plan they had. In any case, you don’t have to do that and can still slice up bad guys with your own!


You will receive one 3D printed replica of Ezra Bridger’s third lightsaber in a partially assembled kit (pommel with D-Ring, Handle, Emitter) so you can sand and smooth the guard, which is extremely difficult to 3D print smooth no matter what I try. It is highly recommended to sand the guard before assembling the rest of the saber. Assembly instructions will be included, but is very straightforward and can be finished with typical super glue. A steel D-ring will come pre-attached to the pommel, please contact us immediately after ordering if you would rather not have the D-Ring.

It is printed with PLA filament in 0.2mm layers with a 15% infill, settings chosen to provide shock absorption should your lightsaber take a fall. While the filament colors are close to the parts (black, silver, gold), the lightsaber comes UNPAINTED. Accents have been painted in promotional images to display the final product.

No blade comes out of the prop – this is meant to hang on a belt or be put on display. We are able to make a lightsaber which can accept very specific lightsaber internals – please reach out before placing your order for more information.

Light cleanup and sanding may be required to get the ideal smooth feel or appearance.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in


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