Leon Kennedy Resident Evil Gear Kit


Racoon City was so 1998 – we’ve been there, we saw the T-Virus, we shot a few Tyrants, we get it. How about we spice things up and take a ride through the scenic Spanish countryside, blasting our way through plague ridden cultists instead? We can save the girl, shoot the Ganados, and get a Presidential Commendation while we’re at it.

If this sounds like the perfect life for you, then you may need a therapist. More importantly, you definitely need our Leon Kennedy Equipment Set! Featured in Resident Evil 4, you will have access to Leon’s two most iconic bits of starting gear – his Kendo customized SG-09 R “Silver Ghost” and his M9 Bayonet Combat Knife, perfect for undercover ops.


Each item is printed in PLA plastic with the actual color of the piece, meaning there is no paint involved, bringing a crispness and shine to each item. Perfect for cosplay or costuming, these pieces are safe and fun, bringing to life everyone’s favorite moody action hero.

Please note that these items are entirely 3D printed. While we do our best to hide layer lines and any marks from glue, there may be imperfections which can be fixed by sandpaper or a quick Sharpie or paint swipe.

Important Safety Notice

There are no moving parts on either of these items. The trigger doesn’t move, the slide doesn’t move, there isn’t a removable magazine, and the knife blade isn’t suited to cut butter. These are toys, and have no possible way to make them dangerous.

THAT SAID, both are modeled after real objects and can be mistaken as real. Please use discretion when carrying them outside and never remove the orange safety tip we include affixed to the barrel. If you are using it for costuming, please follow all local laws and convention rules.

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 4 in
Product Selection

Full Set, Knife Only, Silver Ghost Pistol Only


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