Aerith’s Flower Necklace


Everyone’s favorite flower girl joins the party with Aerith’s Flower Necklace, as seen in Final Fantasy VII Remake and Rebirth!

While wearing, watch out for bad guys with long white hair and big swords who have memorable theme songs. Seriously, do us all a favor and keep an eye out, we can’t collectively go through that mistake again.


Aerith’s Flower Necklace is made of a length of leather cordage 72″ long (giving you sufficient length to wrap it and wear it as designed), with a flower and pearl-shaped center pendant to hold the cord in place. The pendant is painted resin plastic and NOT metal, though it is hard to tell in person.

Due to difficulties with lighting examples (and because our designer has trouble telling colors sometimes), we offer the necklace in both gold and silver options. The end caps on the leather neck string will match the color of the pendant.

This is a leather cord and semi-pointy charm. Please keep it away from children and particularly don’t let them eat it, there are hazards all over the place for that one.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

Silver, Gold


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